6 Hrs of Personalised Nutrition with PNI (PsychoNeuroImmunology)


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Package of 6 – 1 hour clinic sessions

This is the ultimate 1-2-1 service where our practitioners are trained in nutrition, psychology and cPNI (psychoneuroimmunology).

Be prepared for change, because this is probably our fastest route to achieving your weight goal. In a 1-2-1 setting we work with you to create your slender eating strategy, bespoking sessions to the interventions you need, the ultimate mind body approach. (We recommend you take the sessions over a 12-16 week period for best results).

Package Includes:

  • Discover the key interventions you may need to lose weight
  • Understand what to eat and how to eat
  • Work together to become more metabolically flexible and improve your ability to burn your own body fat efficiently
  • Understand why you body behaves as it does and how you can connect up you mind body responses to reach your goal
  • Address and overcome barriers and limitations to change
  • Explore the social and psychological elements of your health and weight experience more deeply.
  • Go back to the future – explore your personal history and transgenerational patterns to create a compelling future

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