Quick Transformation Coaching – 3 Sessions in 3 Weeks


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Be prepared to get really clear on your goals and motivation, to change, to grow and to gain greater self-awareness. This intense 3-week process is aimed at leading you towards better self-management and a path to reaching what you want quickly and easily. It’s all in your hands, you have all the resources you need.

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These Coaching Sessions Can Help You To:

  • Set clear effective goals that have meaning and are aligned with your purpose.
  • Challenge your map of the world which is creating the moment you are in now.
  • Understand and let go of fear and other unwanted emotions to create positive health states.
  • Address and overcome barriers and limitations to change.
  • Explore the social and psychological elements of your health and weight experience more deeply.
  • Go back to the future – explore your personal history and transgenerational patterns to create a compelling future

Quick Summary of the T&C’s:

  • All clinic sessions must be used within 12 months of purchase.
  • Once you have booked your session, you’re welcome to change the appointment by emailing or calling your Nutritional Therapist with no less than 24 hours before the agreed time, otherwise this will be treated as a normal session.
  • We reserve the right to cancel and refund your purchase in circumstances where we feel coaching and/or personalised nutrition may not be appropriate.
  • Your privacy and data is important to us, all of our 1-2-1 services are treated as private and confidential, and we go to the appropriate lengths to protect any stored data we have about you. You can find more information about how we store data in our Privacy Policy, or you may reach out to us, to find out more.

Check out our full T&C’s for more detailed information.


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