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Our Full Personalised Nutrition Testing Programme and Recommendations

Enjoy the power of personalised nutrition and wellbeing. Whether you are tired of long term chronic symptoms or looking for peak performance in your life, this product is for you. We may all be humans, however, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to long term health and weight management. 

Package includes:

  • DNAfit – Genetic testing for genes relating to diet health and fitness so you can take charge of your destiny. (saliva sample required)
  • ONE Test – Optimal Nutrition Evaluation – (urine sample required) 
  • GI Map – A full assessment of your gut microbiome from a single stool sample resulting in specific supplement, food and lifestyle plan over 6-12 months to maximise the health and integrity of your digestive system. (stool sample required)
  • 6 hours of clinic time with a Nutritional Therapist over 6-12 months. 
  • A client report based on a summary of test results, recommendations and plan overview.

Visit our clinic pages for a more detailed understanding of what’s included.


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